because nothing is more romantic than driving
why are you saying sorry for dumping info on me? like, how else are we gonna catch up? via snail mail??
all the sick girls standing in the line for the bathroom
why not have these vices - is it a vice or is it a routine b/c yoga should be a vice??
so really i don't gotta bounce from a project to a crisis then back to a crisis, again
Probably swings between "what a wonderful day to be with the ppl I love" and "are you mad at me??"
who apologizes for the wait because waiting is a part of life?
I had a wonderful bday weekend so why should I put in extra work?
when I was your age, we had limewire to download movies and to stream music
-waves violently behind the door closing 👋🏽-
I hate being rushed but it was addicting
what’s the worst that can happen, someone feels uncomfortable? oh no??!