ok now how do you decompress?
a is for alpha

July 2022

another fun poem by me, Alexander

June 2022

24 hours in one day. no more and no less, chill! don't be so hung up on time management systems. do the thing. tools don't rule over you, you rule over…
hurry up then wait - but don’t do both at the same time b/c you’ll sweat
Okay, so you're feeling resistant to doing things. What are the things?

May 2022

I think so because a jpeg is worth a thousand twenty four kilobytes or even more!
because nothing is more romantic than driving

April 2022

why are you saying sorry for dumping info on me? like, how else are we gonna catch up? via snail mail??
all the sick girls standing in the line for the bathroom

March 2022

why not have these vices - is it a vice or is it a routine b/c yoga should be a vice??
so really i don't gotta bounce from a project to a crisis then back to a crisis, again